What can the public expect from COP28, the global climate change festival?

COP28 scheduled for November 30, 2023, one can expect it to be a crucial international conference where world leaders, negotiators, and experts gather to discuss and address global climate change issues. COP focus on key topics such as emissions reduction commitments, climate financing, adaptation strategies, and international cooperation to tackle climate change. Krÿstähl prepared a brief comparison of past three COP meetings, to analyse what public, society and global community can expect from COP28. TABLE-1: Comparative Account of COP25, COP26 and COP27 DETAILS COP25 (2019) COP26 (2021) COP27 (2022) Date and Location December 2-13, 2019, Madrid, Spain November 1-12, 2021, Glasgow, United Kingdom November 6-20th 2022, Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt Key Themes Addressing unresolved issues from previous COPs, including Article 6 and loss and damage. Focusing on enhanced climate action and ambition, adaptation, finance, and global collaboration. Together for Implementation, and with a view to


Krÿstähl , Formulating Pathway For The Circular (Economy) Development Of Telangana, India Author: Dr Shalini Sharma, Director, Krystahl (a JV of Sanshodhan and GICE&SDGs), Hyderabad 500091, India.  EMAIL: , WEBSITE:   BACKRGOUND  India, with its vast population and growing urbanization, faces significant challenges in managing waste and promoting sustainable practices. The principles of Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle (RRR) AND Circular Economy, offer a holistic approach to waste management, resource conservation, and environmental protection. To effectively implement the Reduce-Reuse-Recycle (RRR) mission in Telangana, it is crucial to develop comprehensive strategies that encompass public awareness, infrastructure development, policy frameworks, and active community participation.  We explore key strategies to drive the RRR mission in Telangana, forward and create a sustainable future. The State can design and implement the RRR SYSTEM at fol

Going for Circular Economy Recognition?

Going for Circular Economy Recognition?  Words such as sustainability, environment, and energy-conscious business practices, are no longer keywords. Rather, these are terms that organisations across the globe have embraced wholeheartedly. In an era where climate change is getting real and affecting our lives, understanding the role of circular economy and its impact is crucial not just for the economy but businesses and end-consumers as well.  Circular economy offers unimaginable value proposition to organisations in deriving value from their manufacturing processes and becoming environmentally conscious. Regenerative and restorative processes enables retention of resources and extraction of maximum value. The circular economy is therefore designed to minimise waste, reduce environmental impact, and foster sustainable development. According to a 2023 circularity gap report, participating in environment-conscious, ethical and circular economy practices itself could fulfil humanity’s nee


ESG AND CORPORATE GOVERNANCE : SIGNIFICANCE & SOLUTIONS Krystahl (A JV of Sanshodhan and GICE&SDGs) Hyderabad 500091, INDIA EMAIL:  , URL:   ESG stands for Environmental, Social, and Governance and refers to non-financial metrics that assess a company's impact on the environment, society, and governance. Corporate governance refers to the systems and processes by which a company is directed, managed and lead for the growth. ESG and corporate governance are closely related. ESG and corporate governance are becoming increasingly important as consumers, investors, and regulators demand greater accountability from companies. Integrating ESG considerations into corporate governance practices can help companies manage risks, improve their reputation, and increase their long-term financial performance. At the same time, good corporate governance practices can ensure that a company's ESG efforts are transparent, accountable, and sust